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right there with you re: Joffrey. i didn't clap or even smile. it was horrifying. yes, he was awful... actually, that word doesn't do his actions justice. nevertheless, he was a boy. a bully in a different setting. and pretty much everyone is celebrating this death while some of them aren't for death penalties. that's what this is to them, no? i know... it's a character! and we've lost many "good" folks. but some reactions have been a little unsettling. [not to mention, Jack Gleeson was great!]

THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! That’s it! I might be a little oversensitive but to me celebrating someone’s death is just wrong! Especially such a spectacularly painful and terrible one! Character or no character that’s just bad! And to be honest I even cried like a baby when he died!

So may I propose to you now ? :p


i may hate cersei 65% of the time but i will never mock her grief because she still had to watch her child die

Game of Thrones Spoiler

I’m really kind of shocked by most people’s reaction I mean I know he was the most hateful character of the whole show but still I knew he was gonna die and I still felt terrible for a while after the episode ended, like Ned Stark death kind of terrible! 
I think his death was the most unbearable scene to watch of the whole show, it was so heartbreaking and awful because so slow and painful for him and Cersei’s a bitch alright but it’s still a mother losing her son. It’s the most tragic thing ever (hello red wedding!).

Just because it was absolutely unbearable to watch and because he was still one of the most important character I can’t celebrate his death. 

I fell like I’m the only one with Georges R.R. Martin and Cersei to actually mourn him ! 
It’s like his death was so heartbreaking his whole ‘i”m the worst jackass ever bow to me motherfucker!’ didn’t matter anymore in the end.

I wonder if I’m the only one to feel like that?



I’m going to miss Joffrey. Yes he was a shit but he was a shit that I loved to hate.
And Im going to miss Jack since his retiring, his a talent but I wish him all the best to the future.

Purple Wedding


Does anyone else think our reactions, taken out of context, makes us seem like fucking pyschos? Rejoicing in the death of someone…

Still, I’m sure I’m not the only one who was happy to know that there’s more people that reacted the same as me, right?


Whatever else Joffrey was, he was still a little boy.

Whatever else Cersei is, she’s still a mother who had to hold her baby in her arms as he died horribly.

So, while I never liked the character, I wont be joining any parades.

Thank god I’m not the only one !

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